Killings in Pakistan, a Zionist Plot?

“If the Zionists want us to stop blaming them, then they should stop oppressing, expelling, imprisoning, injuring and killing the indigenous Christians and Muslims of Palestine to make room for the Zionist settlers. They should also stop influencing the US foreign policy towards their geo-political goals and strategy as that is taking a very high toll in human lives and suffering” –  Organizers for the protest against Pakistan killings.

A small group of Canadian Muslims held a protest on January 14, 2012 against the killings in Pakistan. The poster published for the protest included a statement “Long-Live Shia Sunni Unity, Down with Zionist Plots”. The poster triggered a response from the most powerful Zionist organization in the world, B’nai Brith, which is credited with the creation of the Zionist state of israel. It is an organization with a long and dark history. got a chance to interview one of the organizers at the protest rally. These are the questions we asked Syed Rizvi:

What is the purpose of this protest rally at the Pakistani consulate in Toronto?

In the name of Allah, the most beneficent the most merciful. The Shia and Sunni Muslims of GTA have gathered together to jointly express their extreme anguish and sorrow at the ongoing killings in Pakistan by foreign funded terrorists. The Shias and Sunnis have been holding joint protest rallies across Pakistan and we held one here in Toronto to express our solidarity with the victims of this senseless violence and to condemn the shameful inaction by the government of Pakistan which appears to be helpless in front of these foreign-funded murderers.

The poster for the protest mentioned Zionism, what is the relationship between Zionism and the killings in Pakistan?

Many in the west believe the killings to be a sectarian issue which we strongly reject; Shias and Sunnis lived together in Pakistan in peace between 1947 and 1979, before the Islamic revolution of Iran. The Islamic revolution of Iran was the single biggest defeat suffered by United States and Israel in the Middle East and a geopolitical strategy was planned to contain the Islamic revolution of Iran from spreading in the region. Extremists which existed on the fringes of the society were sponsored and trained to execute this strategy. The United States government whose foreign policy supports the strategic Zionist interests, funded and supported Saddam’s war against Iran which resulted in killings of millions of Shias and Sunni Muslim across Iran and Iraq and resulted in martyrdom of Ayatullah Baqr-us-Sadr and Ayatullah Sadiq-us-Sadr, who had openly announced their complete support for Imam Khomeini (RA) and the Islamic revolution ( ). The US brought and fully supported General Zia-ul-Huq in Pakistan, who is considered the father of sectarianism in Pakistan. They funded extremists in Afghanistan to fight against the Soviet Union ( ; University of Nebraska developed books for Afghan children that taught them how to count by counting dead Russian soldiers and encouraged violence ( , now they have unleashed their puppets on to the civilian population of Pakistan to promote sectarian strife and contain the Islamic revolution of Iran from spreading to Pakistan. The Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LEJ) claimed responsibility for the recent massacre in Quetta; it is the same LEJ whose telephone numbers were found on the CIA chief, Raymond Davis’s cell phone when he was arrested. ( and–in-pakistan-cia-s-activities-come-under-glare-after-murder-charge-against-american)

We have seen the Zionists use the Southern Lebanese Army (SLA) in Lebanon in exactly the same way. SLA which was created, funded and supported by the Zionists, committed horrific war crimes and tried to achieve the Zionists’ objectives through the most brutal and horrendous terrorism. Today we have seen LEJ use exactly the same tactics in Pakistan. However despite using SLA and causing tens of thousands of deaths including massacres of women and children ( and the Zionists suffered a shameful defeat in Lebanon and they will Insha Allah suffer another defeat in Pakistan as well. I was watching the Pakistani sit-ins live and saw the relatives and attendees of these victims, the Shias and Sunnis of Pakistan, standing shoulder to shoulder and constantly raising slogans against the unholy alliance of the Pakistani government, United States government, the Saudis and the Zionists. A number of western journalists have written extensively about this alliance ( There is ample evidence in history for the imperialists using  the divide and conquer approach but thanks to our leadership the plot to divide us will not work. Today, despite constant propaganda by organizations like Sun TV, Fox News, National Post and other israeli mouthpieces, the Zionist state is as lonely as it has ever been. The largest church in Canada adopted a resolution to boycott them and 174 nations passed a resolution against them in the United Nations (

How can you claim that the US foreign policy is controlled by the Zionists?

This is a fact that anyone with access to internet can easily research and verify. Do you see the US presidential candidates going to England, Canada, France or any other allied country and pledge their allegiance to them before elections? Do you see an equivalent of AIPAC run by another country? The US safeguarding of Zionist interests in the world is not a hidden secret.

What would you say to the Muslims that may not agree with blaming the global forces for the massacres in Pakistan and would like to focus on local and regional actors only?

If you hit an animal with a stone, it will not go after the stone; it has the intellect to come after you. Our intellect demands that while condemning the puppets we also condemn the puppet masters. We very strongly condemned the Pakistani government and the Saudi governments as well. Just because the Zionists are calling it a conspiracy theory has no bearing on the validity or accuracy of the facts. Look at the individuals condemning this protest, BlazingCatFur, a person consumed by Islamophobia who detests everyone else who does not agree with his racism and bigotry. As an equal opportunity hater, he continuously tries to prove that the Muslims, Christians, blacks, liberals and non-Zionist Jews should all be hated for not supporting israel. Michael Coren, another Islamophobic racist who proposed dropping a nuclear bomb on Iran and B’nai Brith the organization that created Israel and has caused insurmountable misery to millions of Christians and Muslims of Palestine and other countries which oppose the zionist state. If these characters are condemning our little protest, we must have done something right!

What is your answer to those that would say that considering the Zionist influence in the media, it does not help to expose this link as it is not easy to explain and requires research and understanding?

The CIA and Mossad have multi-billion dollar budgets, their strategies and schemes are not always very simple. I would strongly recommend reading a book by Stephen Kinzer, a Pulitzer Prize winning author, and asking yourself if the budget for these intelligence agencies have reduced or increased from the 1950s? Unfortunately the pulpits of many of the mosques in Canada are occupied by scholars for dollars or unqualified orators who have superficial or no understanding of the complex set of circumstances faced by the Muslim world today. However, senior scholars in Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Egypt, Bahrain and other countries, who practice what they preach and are not focused on getting visas and earning money in the west are constantly asking the Muslims to educate themselves about these issues and understand the geo-political environment. That is the reason that senior Ulema leading the rallies against the massacres in Pakistan raised the slogans against the United States and Israel in addition to Saudi Arabian and Pakistani governments. The scholars for dollars will have us believe that we should be grateful to US for removing Saddam, the true scholars will point out that it was United States that funded and supported Saddam throughout the war and that we should not have amnesia and a myopic, simplistic view of the world being propagated by American news channels. We will be doing a disservice to the ones who died in these incidents if we do not identify the real culprits behind these massacres. Sectarianism has always existed but today the killings in Pakistan are directly tied to containing the Islamic revolution of Iran from spreading in to neighbouring countries. The Zionists have seen the effects of the Islamic revolution of Iran spreading to Lebanon and the shameful defeat they suffered from a few thousand part-time resistance fighters, they have seen the effects in Gaza; they cannot allow the 30 million Shias of Pakistan to join the 70 million Shias of Iran or the 120 million Sunnis of Pakistan to get inspired by the Islamic revolution of Iran and have them compare the lifestyle and philosophy of Iranian leaders with the Pakistani leaders. They have unleashed a reign of terror exactly in the same manner as they did with the SLA in Lebanon and are sponosring disinformation campaigns in the media. If we do not educate ourselves about it and do not expose them than we are playing in to their hands as well. We have a right to peacefully protest and propagate our views with evidence and facts. We can then join hands with other Christians and Jewish and human rights organizations that oppose the oppressive Zionist regime and try to contribute towards creation of a world where people can live with respect and dignity and peace and where all lives, whether they belong to a Jew, Christian, Muslim, Canadian, Pakistani or any other nation, are valued and cherished.

Last question, what do you think will happen to the Zionists?

One of the reporters from the Jewish Tribune asked us the same question and I will give you the same answer that my colleague gave her. Zionism is an oppressive and racist philosophy, based on the premise that the Zionist settlers have a right to oppress the people living in Palestine so that they can settle down in the holy land. We have no problems with them believing that they have a right to live in Palestine; it is the reprehensible manner in which they have chosen to implement this so-called birth right that we and the world strongly condemns. The end of Zionism cannot be any different from Apartheid. The Palestinians of West bank and Gaza are not going to disappear, the Christian and Muslim Arabs living within the Zionist state will not disappear, the one billion Muslims are not going to disappear, the Christians living in Palestine will not vanish, the world has strongly rejected the Zionist narrative that because the Europeans persecuted them, they have a right to persecute the Palestinians. How many Muslims and Christians are they going to kill? How many will they put in refugee camps? How many will they injure? And how many will they imprison? The Zionists have hijacked the Jewish religion but the Jews are becoming increasingly disillusioned from them. The end for all oppressive ideologies and regimes is the same, whether it is the regime of Pharaoh and Haman or the oppressive Zionist regime; they will be sooner or later be defeated by the masses.

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