School admins learning SWAT tactics

Really? This is what the U.S. is coming to? The pictures would be comical if they were’nt so deadly serious. School administrators in Alabama are learning techniques to take down potential school shooters. The middle aged (and obviously out of shape) administrators are seen entering a room, lying prone on the ground with their pistols (paint ball versions for practice) pointed at pretend targets. This is all so silly and shortsighted.

First, arming teachers will not solve the moral decay that is afflicting the U.S. Second, if I were to bet between a middle aged, stodgy administrator waddling around trying to shoot a fit, fast, lean, sixteen year old with a semi-automatic wearing full body armor, I’d go with the teenager.

It should be noted that the law enforcement officials conducting these training sessions took pains to point out that these admins/teachers were not being taught how to take out shooters. This is obviously a PR ploy since Alabama doesn’t want to become the focus of a debate that is very contentious and emotional within the American public. However, the fact is that Alabama has laws that allow concealed weapons just about any place. Put two and two together. This is obviously a training session so that armed teachers can take on potential shooters.

Now we just have to wait for some self-obsessed teenager who has been fueled with narcissism and self-love by a corporate media that peddles to “me” over any concept of “we” looking to test his skills against armed school administrators. Unfortunately, I’ll pick the teenage shooter over the middle aged shooters any time. Its one of the reasons they don’t allow people over 40 into the U.S. army but love to recruit eager eighteen year olds. Its called reflexes, bad joints, heavy breathing and stomachs that don’t allow one to crouch when shot at.


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