Taking Arnie Lemaire / BlazingCatFur to court – Please do your part

Please forward to others – content warning, extremely offensive and hateful Islamophobic material in links

As most of you are aware, Arnie Lemaire is the notorious author of the Islamophobic hate blog and was the man behind false stories on East End Madrassah and a number of other hate propaganda campaigns against Muslims.  Some of his posts are as follows (content warning, very offensive and hateful Islamophobic material)

One of his posts on Prophet Mohammed (SAW), he ran a cartoon competition in Canada


One of his posts on Quran where he showed Quran being flushed down a toilet


One of his posts on Wahab-e-Qalbi (AS), one of the martyrs of Karbala


A number of Muslim individuals and organizations are currently in process of preparing a case against Arnie under the hate speech (http://www.parl.gc.ca/Content/LOP/ResearchPublications/2010-31-e.htm) and defamation laws (http://www.cba.org/bc/public_media/rights/240.aspx), however, while the case is being prepared there is an opportunity for you to contribute to legal action against this hatemonger who has insulted Prophet Mohammad (SAW), Quran and continues to spread hate against Muslims and other sections of the society who disagree with his extremist Zionist ideology. He is an equal opportunity hater and a Zionist fascist who, following the footsteps of his settler brethren has played a significant role in damaging the harmonious inter-faith relationships in Canada. Commentators on his blog often openly call for violence against Muslims (which have been recorded and saved by our lawyers). It is people like him that provide the foundation for hate crimes like the shooting in the Sikh temple in USA and we must do our part to hold him legally accountable. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom to hate speech and freedom to incite violence.


One of the leading human rights lawyers, Richard Warman, who has a great track record against a number of racist bigots like Arnie, sued Arnie for defamation 3 years ago, the case is going for trial in February 2013. We must support Richard’s case by contributing to it financially and ensure that Arnie is finally held accountable for hatemongering.

Contributions can be made out to “Caza Saikaley in trust” and mailed with a note indicating that it is a contribution for the Warman v. Lemaire case at:


Jeff Saikaley
Caza Saikaley LLP
350-220 Laurier West
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5Z9


I am writing a check to him so that I can do my part to hold this bigot accountable and send a message to other hatemongers that we will defend our right to live in Canada as equal citizens. No amount is too small and donating any amount is better than ignoring this message. I hope that you will do your part today.


Please forward this message to other Muslims as well.

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