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Famous Italian philosopher: Give Hamas better arms; shoot Zionists.












A famous Italian philosopher who is famous for his post-modern approach to philosophy has added his name to a growing list of brave Western intellectuals and politicians who are standing up to the vicious, fascist Zionist regime.

He is on record as having said that “he would shoot those bastard Zionists,” that he thinks that the EU should raise money “to buy Hamas some more rockets,” and that Zionists are “a bit worse than the Nazis.”


As surface to air missiles go from FSA to ISIS, further invasion of Iraq possible.

So much for arming moderate rebels. A thousand members of the FSA have joined ISIS.  You can read the story here at

What the American press will not discuss as they gleefully use the tragedy over the skies of Ukraine in the form of a downed Malaysian jetliner to try and pressure Putin, is that these “moderate” Syrian rebels are taking with them Turkish, Qatari and Saudi supplied surface to air missiles as they join the ranks of ISIS. Yes, ISIS, now probably has in its arsenal of weapons missiles with the same abilities that were used to down the Malaysian plane over Eastern Ukraine.

So why is the U.S. so careful to give the impression that the surface to air missiles being given to the FSA were given by the Qataris, Turks and Saudis and not the Americans, even though they know full well that there is a high probability that they will land in the hands of ISIS? Its called plausible deniability, and it is worth reading up on.

The question that needs to be asked here is this:

Did the Obama administration make an innocent mistake, or was is this part of a cynical plan?

I’m inclined to lean towards the latter for a simple reason: The Americans have been collaborating closely with the Saudis, Jordanians, Turks, Qataris and others. These countries, along with the CIA have assets on the ground in Syria. Are we to believe that the obvious strengthening of ISIS in Syria went undetected? Are we also to believe that no one in the Jordanian, American, Turkish, Qatari or Saudi intelligence services thought that the surface to air missiles being handed to “moderate” rebels wouldn’t end up in the hands of ISIS?

Of course not. These people may be blinded by hubris, but they aren’t stupid. Instead, the defection of FSA members to ISIS with Qatari supplied and American approved surface to air missiles serve a useful purpose: When an airline passenger jet is bought down over the skies of Iraq by ISIS (the jet has to have the requisite amount of Europeans on board to illicit true “shock” a la the Malaysian airline passenger shot over Ukraine), it will give the U.S. the green light to massively ramp up the invasion of Iraq, dismantle the pesky, democratically elected government of Iraq that refuses to toe the line, and install another regime that is more favorable.


But, we as believers know the Quran is very clear:


“And when those who disbelieved devised plans against you that they might confine you or slay you or drive you away; and they devised plans and Allah too had arranged a plan; and Allah is the best of planners.” Al Quran, Chapter 8, Verse 30.

Israeli newspaper calls ISIS approach “refreshing”

Haaretz calls ISIS refreshing

Zvi Bar’el a member of the editorial board of a Zionist newspaper Haaretz, can barely conceal his relief at how “refreshing” the brutal, takfeeree “islamic state” (formerly known as ISIS) is.  As IS wreaks havoc in Iraq, beheading people with rusty knives, gunning down men execution style etc.,  this is what he has to say:

 While Israel is pounding Gaza, it’s good to know that at least one Muslim organization isn’t rushing to threaten Israel. This refreshing news comes from the organization known until about a week or two ago as ISIS, but which now – since it has started to consolidate its hold on a stretch of territory linking Iraq and Syria – calls itself the Islamic State.


Yes. By the way, just to be clear, this is not just a personal opinion. This is the opinion of a person who is a member of the editorial board-which reflects the opinion and political direction of a newspaper.

So to sum up, Bar’el feels that IS’ tactic of only concentrating on causing infighting in the Muslim Ummah while children in Gaza are slaughtered is “refreshing.”

The reality is that the Americans and Israelis are in no hurry to reign in IS. As “moderate” rebels of the FSA that the U.S. has been supplying with arms join IS in growing numbers, Obama is asking Congress for $500 million for these very “rebels.”

It makes sense that Israel and the U.S. are in no hurry to help Iraq and ultimately want to see it divided up. The U.S. invaded Iraq after then deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz (the same Wolfowitz lauded by some Muslim organizations and named Jerusalem Post’s “Man of the Year” in 2003), gave testimony in which he declared Ayatollah Sistani (h.a.) as the first pro-American Ayatollah in history. The Americans were convinced that they could invade Iraq, win over the Shia of Iraq and set up a system of government that would challenge the model in Iran.

Instead, Sistani (h.a.) refused to meet Paul Bremer, the U.S. appointed governor of Iraq, and the rest is history. The Israelis had pushed for the invasion of Iraq, and they with the Americans were increasingly angry at the ungratefulness of the Shia of iraq for daring to suggest that their sovereignty be respected.

Both the Israelis and Americans have learnt their lesson: Hence Bar’el’s confession of how “refreshing” ISIS’ silence on Israel is.


If ever there was any proof needed that ISIS is a godsend to the Zionists and imperialists, this has to be it.

If there are any Muslim brothers or sisters laboring under any doubt as to the true nature of the ISIS/IS, an organization whose brutality and lack of justice has nothing to do with the seerah of the Prophet (p) or the writ of the Holy Quran, they should at least give pause to the fact that Zionists can barely hide their relief at an organization such as ISIS which tarnishes Islam and gives comfort and relief to its enemies. This intrepid blogger tried in vain to access the rest of the article (even signing up for subscription), but as of the writing of this blog post, access to the whole opinion piece has not been possible.

However, the rest of the piece is irrelevant, given the first paragraph.

America gets kicked out: Opts for floating bases.

“We’ve been kicked out of a lot of places.” No, that isn’t a quote from some rowdy teenagers who wreak havoc where ever they go. But if that is your guess, you aren’t THAT far off if the teenagers in question also murder innocents while claiming to be the torch bearers of freedom (whatever that means) during said rampages.

Instead, it’s a quote from Lieutenant General Kenneth J. Glueck Jr., head of the Marine Corps’ weapons development command. Apparently, no one wants U.S. bases in their country any more. Not even “staunch” allies. “Allies are going to want to train with us, but they’re not going to want us to build bases,” said General James Amos, the Marine Corps commandant according to Reuters. “Those days are gone.”

Gee, wonder why?

The U.S. outlaws, (or the Pentagon as they are known stateside) have come up with a novel idea. And, whatever you may think of American foreign policy or the American military, you have to admit, they are innovative. One doesn’t have to like a person or entity to acknowledge their good points. The solution to the fact that no one wants the black stain of U.S. military bases? Floating bases. Yup. And they are an interesting lot. You can read more here, here and here.

And, just for the benefit of the slightly less bright amongs us: if we post a link to a website on this blog, it doesn’t mean that we condone the political or ideological stance of aforementioned website.

Excellent analysis of Iraq situation

Click here to read Al-Akbar’s excellent analysis of the developments in Iraq, specifically the alarming appearance of Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi (The terrorist group’s leader) in a Mosul mosque this past week.

Al-Akhbar newspaper, based out of Lebanon, is an excellent source of information for those who want to stay abreast of fast developing stories in the Middle East. The paper is usually way ahead of its Western counterparts in the print and electronic media when it comes to the realities on the ground. For example, Al-Akhbar was reporting on the ongoing alliance between former Baathist officials and ISIS in Iraq up to a week before CNN, Fox News and other outlets started acknowledging this reality. In addition, Al-Akhbar has sources and methods of reporting that Western outlets simply don’t.

For those of us not lucky enough to be able to read Arabic, you can read the superb English version online. Just type in “Al Akhbar english” on Google and it pops up.

Zionist government MP calls for killing of all Palestinian mothers

The reality of the Zionist entity is that it has become increasingly similar to and in some ways surpassing the very Nazism it was supposedly set up to prevent from ever happening again. Ayelet Shaked, a law maker who is part of the ruling government’s coalition in Israel has called for Palestinian mothers to be killed so that they not give birth to “snakes.” The link to the full story can be found at, a great website run by Ali Abunimah.

You can read the full story here.