James Foley and his brutal murder.

The video of James Foley’s brutal murder filled me with horror, sympathy and anger. The horror was visceral, at the mere thought of what had transpired (I tried watching one beheading video a few years ago and was so traumatized that I haven’t even tried again). The sympathy was for this poor man, who did not deserve to be killed in this manner. The sympathy was also for his family. As a Muslim, I cannot even begin to express my condolences and sympathy for his family. The anger I felt was directed at multiple points: Primarily it was directed at ISIL. This cancer must be eradicated, plain and simple. The people who have bought into this twisted ideology understand only one thing: power. They need to be eradicated, period.

Unfortunately Hizbollah, Iran and others who have been fighting ISIL, Jabahat al Nusra and other Al Qaeda like groups in Syria and according to certain reports in Iraq have gotten no outside support. (Click here to read Syed Hassan Nasrallah, General Secretary of Hizbollah express his opinion on ISIS/ISIL).  This is in large part due to the fact that Israeli, big oil, arms manufacturers and other interest groups are determined not to let the American public learn about a reality that is well known in the Middle East: Hizbollah, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic groups that believe in the integrity of nation states, the power of the ballot box and democracy are the archenemies of groups such as ISIL, which subscribes to an ideology that originated in Saudi Arabia. The reality is that the seeds for ISIL were planted in Afghanistan in the aftermath of the Soviet invasion of that country. Saudi, Pakistani and American intelligence agencies all played their role. President Regan invited Taliban representatives to the Oval Office and called them heroes. The Haaretz (an Israeli newspaper) recently ran a piece that cheerfully pointed out that ISIL was “refreshing” because they had no intention of attacking Israel. ISIL has also put out statement in which they have made clear that their primary target are Shia Muslims, not the Israelis. Prince Bandar, the former Saudi intelligence chief, was one of the architects of Jabahat al Nusra, an Al Qaeda inspired group that was rivalling ISIL at one point. Now, Jabahat al Nusra fighters have joined ISIL in droves. The irony here is that Jabahat al Nusra were supported by both Ayman Az Zawahiri, the current head of Al Qaeda as well as the Saudi government, not to mention the Turks and with a wink and a nod the Americans. ISIL is like Frankenstein, the ideology it espouses closely represents Saudi Wahhabi ideology, yet the original pit bull (Taliban etc.) has given birth to young that have turned on their masters. The Saudis are now just as terrified of ISIL as anyone else, in large part due to the support it finds within the Saudi regime. Let’s not forget that 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers were Saudis, yet the U.S. government has redacted and refused to share any information that may signal Saudi complicity in the 9/11 tragedy. Furthermore, relatives of Usama bin Laden were allowed to fly out of the U.S. at a time when U.S. Senators could not catch a plane. They left without any questioning, quietly in the middle of the night.

All this aside, the Israelis never miss an opportunity to present ISIL and Hamas/Hizbollah as the same brand of “terrorists” They know full well that by doing so, they are gunning for a scenario that would result in a broad, unlimited war with a vast swath of Muslims in the Middle East, thus saving their apartheid state from the righteous anger of millions of Muslims and non-Muslims. The reality is that Hizbollah is hugely popular with Christians in Lebanon while ISIL is slaughtering them when it can. The reality is that Hamas governs a besieged, impoverished open air prison in which both Muslims and Christian Arabs suffer equally. Christian Arabs support Hamas as much as their Muslim brethren and are united in their opposition to the brutal Israel regime. Despite the efforts of pro-Israeli writers such as Jonathan Schanzer, the fact is that Christians in Gaza have lived unmolested by Hamas since it took over the poverty stricken enclave in 2007.

So what is the solution? In our humble opinion, the American people need to wake up.  Israeli, big oil and other interest groups that are pushing an agenda that lumps organizations such as Hizbollah with ISIL must be given a clear message: “your vested interests will not be allowed to jeopardize world peace.” The irony is that Israel is right now engaged in protracted negotiations with Hamas for a Gaza cease fire as it mounts a public relations campaign that attempts to conflate ISIL and Hamas. Wonder what would happen if the Israelis tried to “negotiate” with ISIL. It is time that the people of the United States realized that there are two groups within the Middle East: the majority, who do not harbor any enmity to the U.S. apart from its support of Israel and its opposition to their democratic right to control their countries and resources as they see fit, and a small minority that subscribe to a deadly ideology that represents Islam about as much as the LRA represents Christianity.


U.S. media glosses over blockading of Israeli ships in California

It is amazing how the U.S. media continues to ignore the blockading of an Israeli ship attempting to unload at a Oakland, CA port. Protestors and workers who are members of the  International Longshoremen and Warehousemen Unions (a group which also stood against the South African apartheid regime in 1984) are blocking the Zionist ship. The Zionist crews have tried various tactics such as trying to offload cargo early in the morning etc., but have failed so far. This story was reported by Al Akhbar English. You can read the full story here. The story was reported on the websites of Washingtonpost.com and other electronic outlets, but has not been featured as a main story or story of any significance on any major network.


It’s unbelievable. This is something you would see on TV in a third-world country. Tear gas — I’ve never seen it escalate to that point

Martin McDonald, 38, a truck driver, speaking to LA Times


Somewhere out there, there’s still people’s houses getting broken into, people getting raped, kids getting molested. And they’re out here with people demonstrating peacefully. A peaceful situation turned into a war. We’re not here acting like animals

Nikki Chamberlain, 36, speaking to LA Times.

Justin Trudeau speechless on his shameful Palestine stance

“What if someone occupied your house?”, “How would you feel?”, “You issued a statement about israel’s right to defend itself, what about the Palestinians’ right to defend themselves?”, Justin Trudeau was speechless and was unable to respond to the sixteen year old girl who challenged his shameful support of israel at a fundraising event for the liberal party on August 11, 2014 in Mississauga. The event was interrupted repeatedly by protestors who raised the slogans of “Free Free Palestine” and “Shame Shame israel” during the event. A number of them asked pointed questions about his recent pro-israel statement forcing Justin to defend himself and leaving him embarrassed and speechless on a number of occasions.
Outside the event the protestors raised the slogans of “Justin Trudeau grow a spine, Justice for Palestine”, “Justine Trudeau choose a side, Gaza or Genocide” and “Justin Trudeau you will see, Palestine will be free”. Justin Trudeau’s car had to be parked behind the building and he had to walk from the back to avoid the protestors. A significant number of bystanders and some of the area store owners also joined the protest and others came to the protestors to express their support and solidarity.
The regular protests across Canada clearly show that despite constant propaganda by zionist mouthpieces like Sun News, the large majority of Canadians abhor the israeli war crimes and find them contradictory to Canadian values. Justin Trudeau should follow the footsteps of his father and should stop pandering to the special interest zionist groups and represent the will of the Canadians who stands in solidarity with the oppressed and occupied population of Palestine.


Torontonians regather against Zionism


The streets of Toronto were once again abuzz with the slogans of “Free Free Palestine”, “Shame Shame israel” and “israel is a terrorist state”. The protest organized by a number of anti-war groups on Sunday, August 9, 2014, attracted peace and justice activists from all walks of life and religions. The participants were protesting against the war crimes by zionists who believe that their god has given them the license to expel, injure, imprison and massacre the indigenous Palestinian population. The activists also conducted a protest inside of “Bed Bath and Beyond” against the store’s policy of selling Sodastream products produced on occupied Palestinian land. They also condemned “Chapters Indigo”  for its continued support of the terrorist state of israel. They praised the largest church of Canada, the United Church which has passed a boycott resolution against israel and also praised the Ryerson University Student body which has passed a resolution in favor of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against the israeli Apartheid.

There was a small counter protest organized by the terrorist organization called the Jewish Defence League (JDL) which truly represents the state of israel in Canada. JDL was declared a terrorist group by FBI and has been implicated in a number of racist and criminal activities. The thugs of JDL tried to provoke and harass the attendees of the rally but failed miserably in intimidating the highly spirited and passionate protesters. A number of JDL members were arrested by Toronto Police last week for attacking a peaceful protestor during the AlQuds rally. The police has charged the criminals with assault and banned them from Queen’s Park but the victims are persuading the attorney general’s office to charge them with a hate crime as their racially and religiously motivated assault clearly falls under this category.
The same day that thousands of Torontonians took to the streets, hundreds of thousands of people in London (UK) and millions around the world also protested against the israeli war crimes. The world is standing up in solidarity with the voiceless population of Palestine. The day is not far when the apartheid state of israel will no longer be able to continue its oppression.

Great News! Police arrests four JDL members

A representative of Toronto police called the victims who were assaulted at the Al-Quds rally by JDL thugs, and informed them that the police has identified five of the assailants so far and have arrested four of them. The JDL thugs, who believe on their racial superiority over others, routinely harass and intimidate the attendees of rallies against israeli terrorism and war crimes. This is the first time that the police has been able to identify some of them, most probably by a video posted by the JDL members gloating over the attack, and have arrested them.
The victims plan to pursue the case vigorously to ensure that the individuals are charged not only with assault but with hate crimes. The over seventy organizations that endorsed the Al-Quds rally also plan to lobby the government to declare JDL a terrorist organization.
The zionist settlers in israel believe that they are a racially superior, chosen race that has been given the license by their god to expel, imprison, injure, torture and massacre the indigenous population of Palestine. The Jewish Defence League of Canada, which embodies the ideology of the state of israel and the settlers, would like to use some of the occupied Palestine tactics here in Toronto. However, despite their efforts the number of Canadian organizations and individuals opposing the terrorist state of israel continues to grow rapidly. The freedom and justice loving conscientious Canadians will continue to stand tall and give a voice to the voiceless victims of israeli war crimes.

Thousands rally in Gaza to support Hamas and seal Zionist defeat


You can look at it by any measure, but you can’t change the objective reality: Israel has lost badly in its latest genocidal attack on the Palestinian people. The reality is that the three settler teenagers were not kidnapped and killed by Hamas, and everyone acknowledges that now. The reality is that Israel attacked more out of anger at the Fatah-Hamas unity than it did any other pretext. The following cannot be denied either:

a) Zionist forces did not dare invade more than small parts of Gaza and then had to withdraw

b) Every time Zionist forces tried to penetrate Gaza by land, they suffered heavy loses. Thirteen of their elite Golani troops were lost in just one such attempt. The soldiers could only be saved when they ran and hid in their reinforced armored personnel carriers as a hundred (yes 100) one ton bombs were dropped in the vicinity to stave off Hamas fighters.

c) Israel’s little international standing has further been eroded. Its brazen attacks on U.N. schools full of women and children have exposed it for what it is: a racist, apartheid state that is full of people brainwashed by a fascist Zionist ideology that considers Palestinians less than human. In one case, the Zionist attacked a U.N. school after being given the coordinates no less than 17 separate times. Even the U.S. State Department called the massacre of innocent children “disgraceful.”

d) Hamas shocked Israeli society with its military prowess- its non-existent weapons (as compared to the Zionist armies weapons) not withstanding. It killed 63 Zionist soldiers, some of them in cross border attacks deep in Zionist territory.

e) and most importantly, Netanyahu and his colleagues failed in their primary objective: To turn the people of Gaza against Hamas. Instead, as the video above shows, Hamas has won even greater support and the Palestinian people are fully behind Hamas.


In the end, it was the Zionists who had to be rescued with a cease fire. Their brutal slaughter of close to 2000 civilians and their terror at Hamas’ military prowess is a clear sign of their abject defeat.