As Mahmoud Abbas “negotiates,” land grab continues

There is something overwhelmingly ironic about what is happening to the West Bank. As Mahmoud Abbas, that perennially dour faced giver of free land tries to “negotiate,” the Zionist state continues to frantically grab an increasing amount of the West Bank.

Zionist defense minister Moshe Ya’alon (the same Ya’alon who recently insulted Obama by calling him “weak”) signed off on plans Friday to retroactively seize Palestinian land surrounding the Zionist outpost of Netiv Ha’avot. The area is almost 10,000 meters squared in size. However, the seizure means that more Palestinian land will be enclosed within a triangle of Zionist settlements, effectively sealing it off from its Palestinian owners.

Meanwhile, in Gaza, the Palestinians not only haven’t lost any land since 2011, they have actually gained more land since the resistance movement took over that region of Palestine. Palestinians in Gaza have won back prime agricultural land and sea coast land in the aftermath of their defeat of Israel in the 2012 war.

Netanyahu and his henchmen aren’t stupid. They know that they are scuttling any chances for “peace.” They also know that they are basically slapping John Kerry in the face. Or maybe they aren’t. Maybe they are doing this in collusion with Kerry. Who knows. What is clear is that the Palestinian people are watching closely. And they are drawing lessons. One of them is: resistance is the key to victory. “Negotiations” with the occupier will only bring humiliation and further loss of land. This means that the next war with Hamas will be even more costly for Israel. The Palestinian people will fight like they have never fought before, as only a people who have been humiliated and trampled upon with the utmost arrogance can. Israel’s days are numbered.

Is Qatar switching sides?

Hizbollah seems to recognize that Qatar wants to come in from the cold.

Hizbollah seems to recognize that Qatar wants to come in from the cold.


Erdogan: Banging your head against a Syrian wall hurts.

Erdogan: Banging his head against a Syrian wall.


Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani; Foxy like his father?

Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani; Foxy like his father?


The Lebanese newspaper Al Akhbar reported on an interesting development that took place this past week. Eleven men from Southern Lebanon who had been freed by their kidnappers in Aazaz, Syria flew to Doha Sunday to meet Emir Tamim bin Hamad Thani.

The men had been released due to the intervention of Qatar and Turkey October 2013.

The events that lead to their freedom are chronicled in superb detail in this Al Akhbar report. As a side note, if you ever want meaningful, informative analysis of events in the Middle East you can always turn to Conflicts Forum or Al Akhbar (Google “Al Akhbar Engilsh”) to get a whole lot more than the usual drivel on American media outlets.

The back story to how this deal went through provides fascinating insights into the rapidly changing geopolitical dynamics in Syria and the adjoining region. Qatar, it seems, has decided that it was backing the wrong horse in Syria. It apparently is acting in a prudent fashion, sending strong overtures to Hizbollah and the resistance block comprising of Hamas, Iran, Syria and to a lesser extent Russia. China is an outlying partner, largely silent and minimally involved but secretly cheering from the sidelines as an influential observer.

Qatar has always been somewhat of an enigma foreign policy wise. The tiny sheikhdom has clashed constantly with Saudi Arabia, and there is a of bad blood between the two entities. The current Emir, Tamim Hamad al-Thani, came to power after his father Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani abidcated in 2013. Under Hamad, Qatar had always “played both sides.” It has hosted two U.S. military bases, but has also maintained close relations with Iran. Hamad was known as a bold, decisive and flexible foreign policy leader who often exasperated the Americans. His son’s ascension was seen as a sign that Qatar’s political adventures were coming to an end after it backed the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt only to see its influence washed away in a Saudi backed coup. However, it seems that Hamad’s son has retained some of the wiliness of his father.

At the beginning of the Syrian crisis, Qatar backed the insurgents, and the gulf states seemed solidly united. However, the takfeeree failure to overthrow Bashar Al Assad and their atrocious behavior ricocheting all over the internet, Qatar decided to switch sides.. The fact that the eleven detainees visited Doha to thank the Emir is a sign that Hizbollah has reacted positively to Qatar’s changing stance.

Turkey is another case altogether. The stubborn Erdogan continues to rage like a bull in a china store. He recently banned both Twitter and You Tube. Part of his wrath at You Tube stems from a recording of a hacked phone call (most probably published by the Russians) between  Erdogan, his intelligence chief, army chief and other officials discussing a false flag operation in Syria to give a desperate Turkey the chance to intervene militarily in Syria.

Furthermore, Turkey has been actively supporting terrorist groups such as Al Nusra Front in Syria.

Turkey’s role in freeing the detainees seems to be motivated more by two Turkish hostages in Lebanon. The fact that Hizbollah repeatedly turned down requests by Turkey’s ambassador to receive the 11 detainees a la Doha style speaks volumes about Turkey’s current role in Syria.

So, it seems that Qatar is cashing its chips and siding with the safe bet in Syria, i.e., Hizbollah, Iran, Russia and Syria. How long this lasts no one knows. But, Hizbollah, ever the clever political strategist seems to welcome the move, a sign that Qatar’s side switching may be more than just cosmetic.


Syed Hasan Nsarallah (h.a.) on latest situation in Syria-Must Listen

What follows is an excerpt of a speech by the Secretary General of Hizbollah, Syed Hasan Nasrallah. He provides a very clear policy speech on the reason for Hizbollah’s intervention in Syria and why it is important. This is something that every North American who is serious about the developments in the region should listen to. To those who say that Hizbollah is a terrorist organization we say: fine. That is your stance, and that is certainly the stance of the governments of Canada and the United States, and as law abiding citizens we will not do anything to violate this stance in a legal manner. However, no one can deny that Hizbollah is a major player in the region, and hence the Syrian situation cannot be resolved without input from Hizbollah. Also, please note that this is not a sectarian issue. As Syed Nasrallah points out, the issue is not sectarian. The issue is of a mindset within the Muslim world that is so poisonous that it attacked America on September 11 2001, and it attacks anyone that disagrees with it, whether Muslim, Christian or Jew. If North American leaders had any sense, they would unite with Hizbollah to wipe out this threat before we have another 9/11 occur in North America, God forbid.

Chris Christie apologizes for “occupied territories” statement

Did I say "occupied?"

Did I say “occupied?”


In a remarkable display of the hold that the Zionist lobby has on American politics, the current governor of New Jersey and potential Republican candidate for President of the United States has apologized for-wait for it-calling the West Bank and Gaza “occupied territories.” He made the apology to non-other than Sheldon Adelson, a billionaire Zionist who poured $100 million into the 2012 presidential elections.

But wait, it gets better. Did Chris Christie invoke the term defending Palestinians, or God forbid criticizing the Zionist entity? Oh no. Here’s the quote that has gotten a possible future President of the United States in trouble:

“I took a helicopter ride from the occupied territories across and just felt personally how extraordinary that was to understand, the military risk that Israel faces every day.”


So, basically, this dishonest politician was weeping over the “risk” that the Zionist military takes in occupying and brutalizing the indigenous inhabitants of Palestine. And yet, he had to apologize to the self professed Zionist billionaire Sheldon Adelson.

The irony here is that Christie likes to portray himself as a tough guy who has no qualms about shouting down questioners in town house style meetings if they ask questions that challenge his savaging of teacher’s unions in NJ. But, put him up against a rich Jew who supports Israel, and you can bet a pretty penny that the portly governor of the garden state will wilt like a big dandelion.

Here’s the full report.

DuPont heir walks free after raping baby daughter

 Robert H. Richards IV, convicted of raping his three year old daughter

Robert H. Richards IV, a free man convicted of raping his three year old daughter


Wait what?

Wait what?

The headline itself is enough to send chills down someone’s spine. But it is true.  Robert H. Richards IV, the curent heir of a family that got its start selling gunpowder during the American civil war was convicted of raping his toddler daughter (yes, toddler daughter). He was initially sentenced to nine years in jail for the offense.The presiding judge, however, ruled that he not go to prison because he would not “fare well in jail.”

Apparently, in America, if you are a poor person and are arrested a third time for minor drug possession, you can go to jail for life. However, if you are the heir of a billionaire family, you get a nine year sentence for raping your own three year baby daughter only to have the judge suspend the sentence for fear that jail may be too hard on the baby raper.

Meanwhile, Michael Vick is wondering what the heck is going on. The black football player served almost two years in jail in 2007 for cruelty to dogs he owned. So much for American justice.

So, let’s tally the record:

  1. Rich and white person rapes three year old daughter: no jail time
  2. Exponentially less rich black person abuses dogs: 2 years in jail.

Yup. Sounds about right.

Here’s the real interesting part: By its own admission, CNN reported that it and other media outlets would never have picked up on the story had it not been for the DuPont heir’s wife citing the conviction in divorce papers.

In other words: the mainstream media’s true intention was to publish some rich people gossip. They stumbled upon the 2009 ruling by mistake. Ah, “freedom” of press.

Why Al Quds day is so crucial.

It is a refrain often heard from people: “why are we so focused on Palestine, when there are far more people suffering in Syria and other places? Why do you blame all the Muslim troubles on Israel?”

This is a valid question, but its existence shows that a lot of Muslims do not have political foresight.

Al Quds day is important because the occupation of Palestine is a knife in the heart of the Middle East designed to rob the region of its resources and deny Muslims and non-Muslims in the area true democratic rights of self expression and governance. It is also a primary expression of the kind of mentality that has led to wars around the world and the brutalization of people in Syria, Afghanistan, Bahrain and Pakistan among other places.

If Israel is defeated and disbanded, it will be a heavy blow to the capitalist paradigm of inserting non-indigenous forces in native lands to control resources. Al Quds day terrifies Zionist precisely because it is an international expression of resistance to Zionist occupation and brutality which symbolizes such brutality all around the world.

The fact that the brutal occupation and or/interference occupation in countries such as Bahrain, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan, Hijaz and Syria are all directly or indirectly supported by the Zionist lobby is proof of this. The fact that the Zionist lobby is against the people of Egypt enjoying their right to live in freedom is proof of this.

If one studies the discrepancies the issue become clear. The Zionist lobby cries crocodile tears for Syrians, but is silent on the killing of Muslims in places like Bahrain. Israel’s Prime Minister recently admitted that Saudi Arabia is an ally, but the Zionist lobby routinely accuses Iran of “human rights violations” Why? In Saudi Arabia, women cannot drive and have limited rights. Iran has a more liberal contraceptive policy than some European countries. Iranian women cannot not only drive, they drive taxis and buses. They are in all sphere of life. One must ask, why do the Zionists give medical aid to Syrian terrorists, but regularly denies medical aid to Palestinian children? Why ?

If one examines the issue, one will realize that the occupation of Palestine and the existence of the Zionist state is a symbol for the kind of mentality that is spawning misery worldwide. Hence, Al Quds day is an expression of Muslim political awareness in the face of Zionist plotting.

Who arms the Saudis who are the mother ship of the takfeeree ideology that is destroying Syria? Why is Israel building bases in Saudi Arabia and why are the Saudis in agreement that the Zionist have the right to use their airspace to attack Iran? These are all questions we must ponder. Why did the Saudis and Israelis congratulate General Sisi when he over threw the democratically elected government of Egypt led by the Muslim Brotherhood (A Sunni Islamic movement that seeks true democratic expression of Islam)? Again, we must all ask ourselves these questions.

Why were the Saudis one of only three countries around the world (the other two were UAE and Pakistan) that recognized the brutal, takfeeree Taliban when they were ruling Afghanistan? Why did Shimon Peres, the President of Israel express sympathy for Syrian insurgents, but remains silent on Egyptian, Pakistanis, Bahrainis, Somalis and others suffering around the world?

Al Quds day and its political rejection of all forms of Zionist inspired or supported interference and its demand that the illegal Zionist entity be disbanded so that all the people of Palestine, whether they be Jewish, Christian or Muslim enjoy freedom and democracy is a crucial political position that must be expressed with full vigor every year.

If one studies the history of Zionism one will see that Zionist leaders who hated Judaism and were avowed atheists, persuaded the Europeans and later the Americans that they be allowed to create a fake entity in Palestine because it would help create a military foothold in the heart of the resource rich Muslim world.

So, those who say that the Al Quds rally is pointless because far more people are being killed in Syria, for example, miss the point. The Al Quds day rally is not about casualties, it is about the planning and machinations that cause such casualties around the world. At the root of such planning and machinations are Zionists or Zionist supporters.

As world gears up for Al Quds day, Zionists terrified.

Rabbis against Israel


The largest Al Quds (Arabic for Jerusalem) demonstration in North America takes place in Toronto every year. In addition, over 25 cities in North America (this does not include numerous smaller venues), from Chicago to New York hold Al Quds rallies on the last Friday of Ramadhan. The Al Quds rallies were initiated by the late Imam Khomeini (r.a.), and their stature has grown over time. Currently, “Yawm ul Quds” as it is known, is held annually in over a 100 countries in over 800 cities worldwide.

Over 5000 people attended the Al Quds day rally in Toronto in 2013.

Last year, some extremists from the radical Zionist organization, JDL, and their Islamophobic hatemongering friends from the Sun News Network tried to harass the attendees but were not successful. The JDL has been designated the terrorist status by the FBI and represents the true face of Zionism and the settler mentality of arrogance, racism and bullying. An anchor of Sun News Network has advocated dropping a nuclear bomb on the civilian population of a Muslim country and their so-called journalists are always shamelessly trying to propagate the Zionist narrative about the indigenous Christians and Muslims of Palestine. However, initiatives like the Al-Quds day have taken the mask off the ugly face of Zionism and today Israel is more isolated in the world than ever before.

Jewish organizations have targeted Toronto in particular, terrified of the huge crowds and potential for a public relations bonanza that would spread the message of Al Quds day and its stand against oppression.

Al Quds day is an expression of Imam Khomeini’s (r.a.) political foresight and vision. He recognized that the existence of Israel is an expression of the Capitalist elite’s desires to control the Middle East’s resources and prevent the people of those lands from having true freedom. The founders of Israel convinced the Europeans and later Americans to support their occupation of Palestine on the pretext that they could be a Western military outpost or “ally”  in that region of the world.

If one examines wars being waged by the capitalist elites around the world today, one will notice that resource allocation (gas, oil, coal, precious minerals etc.) is one the root causes of such wars. Israel is a project intended to foment strife and create a military option for the capitalist elite in the resource richest region of the world. The defeat of the Zionist entity would in fact be a defeat of global arrogance projects around the world. From America’s military presence in Africa to Afghanistan and the other over 700 military bases around the world, the central expression of capitalist occupation is Israel.

Israel has long depended on its status as an “ally” to justify the billions of dollars that the U.S. and others provide to that corrupt entity. Hence, Al Quds day is an expression of revulsion to the Zionist state in particular, and to occupation and terrorizing of people from Bahrain to Afghanistan in general.

Among the tricks they have employed is beating attendees, planting veil wearing women in the crowds who suddenly hold up “kill all Jews” signs, walking a dog through the crowd in a manner that hopes to elicit some kind of reaction, and spreading unfounded rumors about attendees on websites and in the media.


Shocking video symbolizes police brutality in U.S: James Boyd, shot dead. (Warning: Graphic).

We’ve all become used to police brutality videos emanating from the United States. Police officers have shot unarmed black men at point blank range while standing over them, handicapped people in wheel chairs, down syndrome sufferers in movie theaters, etc. The list is long. But, we felt the following video was worth showing because it perfectly encapsulates the culture of brutality and lack of empathy that has so thoroughly infected American law enforcement. Notice how the man poses absolutely no threat, and is turning and walking away as he is gunned down. James Boyd did have a criminal history, and was allegedly holding two small knives as he turned away. But, he was absolutely no threat. He was a homeless man in the mountains of New Mexico, far from people, just trying to eke out an existence. Yet, they shot him dead in cold blood. Unforgivable. The brutality in part springs from a capitalist culture that devalues those who are not successful. If you are homeless, you are probably a loser. If you are poor, you are probably a slacker. Shooting such a person dead does not register. It is part of the American fabric.

Stop! Only Zionists are allowed to exploit the Holocaust.

Comical Netanyahu

Slightly bi-polar “prime minister” of “Israel” Benjamin Netanyahu


Hajo Meyer

Hajo Meyer

In an interesting turn of events, the BBC is reporting the Germans have refused to allow visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping to make an official visit to a Holocaust memorial alongside German chancellor Angela Merkel.

Of course, in typical BBC fashion, the news is added as a footnote to a larger piece on the Chinese President’ s visit to the Netherlands. The logic seems to be (at least according to the BBC) that the Chinese may try to exploit the Holocaust memorial visit to highlight Japanese atrocities during the Second World War.

As any good media propaganda outlet that tries to maintain the elitist capitalist status quo, the BBC does not censor news that challenges the mass media pro-Zionist narrative as much as burying it somewhere unnoticeable. That way, the BBC can claim that it reports “everything,” while avoiding the potentially embarrassing question: Why are Zionists allowed to exploit the tragedy of the Holocaust but not the Chinese? And if the Holocaust memorial is used to expose the horrific cruelties that the Japanese inflicted on the Chinese during the Second World War, what is wrong with that?

Some Zionist apologists may answer that Jews have the right to present the Holocaust as they see fit-after all they are the ones who suffered it not the Chinese.

The reality, however, is that only Jews that are committed to the anti-Judaic philosophy of Zionism are allowed to exploit the Holocaust to justify the cultural and demographic decimation of Palestinians at the hands of the vicious, apartheid “state” of Israel.

Hajo Meyer is an example of the kind of hypocrisy that Zionists engage in. While the deranged and comical “Prime Minister” of the Zionist state cavorts around the world drawing Acme like cartoons of hypothetical bombs and comparing Iran to the Nazis, Hajo Meyer is sidelined as he points out that Zionism is cut out of the same cloth as Nazism.

Hajo Meyer is a survivor of the Holocaust, and a brave campaigner against Zionism. His book The End of Judaism (2003) is a worthy read.