Over 20,000 at Toronto Al Quds (pics).

Over 20,000 Canadians belonging to 70 different Mosques, Churches, Synagogues and anti-war, civil and human rights organizations came together for the historic rally held in Queen’s park Toronto on July 26, 2014.  The largest Al-Quds rally in the history of Toronto and North America included a significant number of Jewish organizations including “Not in our Name”, “Neturei Karta”, “Jews against Occupation” and “Independent Jewish Voices” as well as men, women and children from all faiths and walks of life.

The speakers and participants of the rally came to express their solidarity with the brutally oppressed people of occupied Palestine and to protest against the terrorist state of israel, whose Zionist settlers believe that they have a right to imprison, expel and massacre men, women and children to expand the illegal settlements and the occupation of the indigenous Palestinians.
 The children of Toronto released balloons with the names of the children in Gaza who have been massacred in the recent indiscriminate onslaught against the civilian population. Many in the crowd broke down in tears when a young Palestinian girl read the names of some of the hundreds of children that have been found buried under the rubble of their schools and houses. The speakers and participants strongly denounced the support of Stephen Harper’s government for the war crimes committed by the state of israel. They condemned the one-sided and unfair approach that does not represent the Canadian values or the opinion of the majority of the populace and vowed to change the political representatives that pander to the Zionist lobbyists.
 The Al-Quds day rallies were held in over 800 cities in 45 countries and were attended by tens of millions of individuals who are committed to giving a voice to the voiceless population of the occupied Palestine. Every year, the support for Palestine grows and the apartheid state of israel is more isolated and exposed today than ever before. It is only a matter of time before it is forced to end the illegal occupation of Palestine.

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Famous Italian philosopher: Give Hamas better arms; shoot Zionists.












A famous Italian philosopher who is famous for his post-modern approach to philosophy has added his name to a growing list of brave Western intellectuals and politicians who are standing up to the vicious, fascist Zionist regime.

He is on record as having said that “he would shoot those bastard Zionists,” that he thinks that the EU should raise money “to buy Hamas some more rockets,” and that Zionists are “a bit worse than the Nazis.”


As surface to air missiles go from FSA to ISIS, further invasion of Iraq possible.

So much for arming moderate rebels. A thousand members of the FSA have joined ISIS.  You can read the story here at antiwar.com.

What the American press will not discuss as they gleefully use the tragedy over the skies of Ukraine in the form of a downed Malaysian jetliner to try and pressure Putin, is that these “moderate” Syrian rebels are taking with them Turkish, Qatari and Saudi supplied surface to air missiles as they join the ranks of ISIS. Yes, ISIS, now probably has in its arsenal of weapons missiles with the same abilities that were used to down the Malaysian plane over Eastern Ukraine.

So why is the U.S. so careful to give the impression that the surface to air missiles being given to the FSA were given by the Qataris, Turks and Saudis and not the Americans, even though they know full well that there is a high probability that they will land in the hands of ISIS? Its called plausible deniability, and it is worth reading up on.

The question that needs to be asked here is this:

Did the Obama administration make an innocent mistake, or was is this part of a cynical plan?

I’m inclined to lean towards the latter for a simple reason: The Americans have been collaborating closely with the Saudis, Jordanians, Turks, Qataris and others. These countries, along with the CIA have assets on the ground in Syria. Are we to believe that the obvious strengthening of ISIS in Syria went undetected? Are we also to believe that no one in the Jordanian, American, Turkish, Qatari or Saudi intelligence services thought that the surface to air missiles being handed to “moderate” rebels wouldn’t end up in the hands of ISIS?

Of course not. These people may be blinded by hubris, but they aren’t stupid. Instead, the defection of FSA members to ISIS with Qatari supplied and American approved surface to air missiles serve a useful purpose: When an airline passenger jet is bought down over the skies of Iraq by ISIS (the jet has to have the requisite amount of Europeans on board to illicit true “shock” a la the Malaysian airline passenger shot over Ukraine), it will give the U.S. the green light to massively ramp up the invasion of Iraq, dismantle the pesky, democratically elected government of Iraq that refuses to toe the line, and install another regime that is more favorable.


But, we as believers know the Quran is very clear:


“And when those who disbelieved devised plans against you that they might confine you or slay you or drive you away; and they devised plans and Allah too had arranged a plan; and Allah is the best of planners.” Al Quran, Chapter 8, Verse 30.