Senior Syrian “opposition” official visits Israel

Kamal Al-Labwani, a senior figure in the so called Syrian opposition recently visited Israel and promised to give the Zionist entity the Golan heights in exchange for “aid.” In doing so, Lawbani has done openly what the Syrian opposition and Israel have been doing in secret for over two years. Simultaneously and not coincidentally, the Jerusalem Post, a Zionist newspaper quoted Israeli officials who warned that apartheid state would not stay out of the Syrian civil war, saying that the “Syrian war is not our conflict but day coming when that may change.” Again, the cooperation has been going on behind the scenes, but this openness is an acknowledgment of the Trojan horse of opposition to ISIS as an excuse to attack the Syrian regime. The problem with that of course, is that Russia and Iran have warned that they will not countenance any such action, thus the Israeli posturing and Labwani’s more open approach- Russian-Ira has no problems with the U.S. bombing ISIS, even if it entails indirect cooperation with the Syrian regime to appease the Zionist lobby in the U.S. and other places. However, the minute the Americans start to shift towards eroding the Syrian government’s power, they will have crossed a red line that will be actively enforced. Given all this, it makes sense that Israel is openly touting its possible intervention in Syria. The goal is o provoke Iran. The Holy Grail of Israeli foreign policy is to provoke a clash between Iran-Hizbollah and the United States. By intervening in the midst of US strikes on ISIS, the Zionist regime hopes to provoke a wider war. War, it must be remembered, is in the Zionist regime’s favor- so long as the killing and dying is done by the Americans, Iranians, Syrian, Russians, and others. The Zionist regime knows that it cannot take on Iran-it can barely take on Hamas and was defeated by Hizbollah.  Whatever the case maybe, the Syria opposition have been exposed for hypocrites.They have no problems helping the Zionist state that mercilessly slaughters the children of Gaza to secure political power, political power that they would have gotten through Iranian-Russian sponsored negotiations with Assad once the uprising started, especially when he felt vulnerable and the Syrian oppositions position was apparently stronger. However, Saudi Arabia in tandem with the United States made sure that opposition leaders who were willing to negotiate with Assad to avoid the further bloodshed of innocent Syrian children were ousted. Ahmed Moaz Al-Khatib, the former President of the Syrian opposition alliance had complained of foreign influence that sought to stymie any cooperation between the opposition and Bashar Al Assad. The Syrian opposition has exposed itself. If it cared even one bit for the sovereignty of Syria, for the dignity of Syria or the Syrian people, its senior members would not be slinking off to the apartheid Zionist regime that brutalizes the people of Palestine and offering pieces of sovereign Syrian territory in exchange for crumbs. The Syrian opposition are probably justifying their actions as expeditious- the way they see it, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, even if that friend is the devil himself. They, should, however, come to their senses and study history. Such partnerships exact a heavy price. They will come to regret their treason against the Syrian people, but by then it will be too late.

Iran bigger threat than ISIS: War criminal Henry Kissinger

wolfowitz_paul_main Henry Kissinger testifies on the U.S. Russia Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty in Washington
















Henry Kissinger, a man who should by all rational accounts be convicted as a war criminal (you can read why here) is at it again. He recently gave an interview to NPR in which he argued that Iran is a bigger threat than ISIS:


There has come into being a kind of a Shia belt from Tehran through Baghdad to Beirut. And this gives Iran the opportunity to reconstruct the ancient Persian Empire — this time under the Shia label — in the rebuilding of the Middle East that will inevitably have to take place when the new international borders [are] drawn. Because the borders of the settlement of 1919-’20 are essentially collapsing.

That gives Iran a very powerful level from a strategic point of view. I consider Iran a bigger problem than ISIS. ISIS is a group of adventurers with a very aggressive ideology. But they have to conquer more and more territory before they can became a strategic, permanent reality. I think a conflict with ISIS — important as it is — is more manageable than a confrontation with Iran.

What an absolutely idiotic statement. Let’s first address the most obvious: Iran’s defense budget is slightly ahead of Sweden’s. Iran has never attacked another country in the past 214 years. Iran’s only crime is that it has dared to support both Shia (Hizbollah) and Sunni (Hamas, Islamic Jihad) Muslims against Zionist aggression. What is this empire that Kissinger talks about? And if it is a “Shia empire,” then how does he explain the dichotomy in the Muslim world as described by Alastair Crooke that transcends sectarianism (shia-sunni) and is more about ideology (absolutist (salafi) v. rationalist (shia, sunni))? Iran is, as we speak is helping the people of Gaza (Sunni) fight Zionist aggression. It has condemned the treatment of the Muslims of Burma (Sunni) and it has stood up for oppressed people of Pakistan (Sunni) and against American drone attacks. It has encouraged Shia and Sunni cooperation against the Zionists (Hizbollah and Hamas/Islamic Jihad). Iran’s foreign policy line has been clear from day one of the revolution: all nations, irrespective of religion, sect or creed should have the right to inviolable sovereignty and the right to not be invaded, bombed and have their resources plundered. Ayatollah Khamenei (h.a.) the Leader of Iran put it very succinctly when he said the enmity of people like Kissinger to Iran has nothing to do with “empires” or “nuclear” programs. If Iran declared that it recognizes the usurping, criminal Zionist state and stopped funding and arming the resistance movements that dare stand up to Zionist aggression, all would be forgotten.

The reality is that Kissinger is as usual looking out for Israel’s interests. His talking points are a reflection of that other nut job and war criminal: Netanyahu. Kissinger and his other nut job buddies such as Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz etc. are a bigger threat to American national security than Iran could ever be.


Thought of the day

Hey, guess the only country in the world that beheads people just like ISIS?


Wonder what the connection there is?

Not sure? Do a little research.

Now, guess which country is the only Arab democracy in the region?

Lebanon. Hmmmm. Interesting.

Now, guess which country Israel calls a close ally and which it has repeatedly attacked the past 32 years? Lebanon. Hmm…Wonder what the connection there could be?

Do a little research. Put down that sugar saturated drink, turn off the NFL and read a book.

A refreshing look at racism in the Arab world

Unfortunately, many Arab countries treat migrant workers in a manner that is despicable. Saudi Arabia is a leader among these nations, as is the U.A.E. and other Arab countries. Lebanon doesn’t treat its migrant workers any better, but it is a shining exception because its media has the honesty to point a harsh light upon itself and admit the inherent racism that permeates its migrant worker system. You can read an account of how the Lebanese authority mistreat their migrant workers on the Lebanese newspaper website Al Akhbar. If Saudi Arabia, U.A.E. and others were democracies too, perhaps they could have honest looks at their own racist policies as well. The article can be found here.

ISIS beheading of Sunni soldier shows true colors

A Lebanese soldier among mourners at the funeral of beheaded soldier Ali al-Sayyed in Fnaydek

Caption: Angry Lebanese mourners prepare to bury Sgt Ali al-Sayyed-Courtesy

Western commentators, most notable among them the BBC, often couch the fight between Muslims and the Daish savages of ISIS as a fight between Sunnis and others. Nothing could be further from the truth. The latest atrocity by these barbarians, the beheading of a Lebanese soldier who happens to be Sunni should put to rest any misconceptions about the nature of ISIS. They are not Sunni they are not Shia, they have nothing to do with Islam or Muslims. This is not the first brutal murder of a Muslim, Sunni or Shia by ISIS. However, it is a prominent case because it features a Sergeant in the Lebanese Army.

You can read the story here.

Muslim Congress of N. America condemns savage killing of James Foley

What follows is a text of an email sent to subscribers to Muslim Congress’ newsletter. Muslim Congress is a North American based organization. You can visit their website here.

Dear brothers and sisters, assalamu alaikum

On Tuesday 19th, August 2014, James Foley an American videographer and reporter, abducted 21 months ago in Syria near the Turkish border, was beheaded by the savage terrorist group, ISIS. And the gruesome video of this decapitation was put on the internet as a threat to others.

This savage act of slaughtering human beings on camera or slitting chests of dead soldiers have now become commonplace; something that was unimaginable until a few months ago. Dropping workers from roofs of government offices in Syria or beheading and summarily executing Shia and Sunni Muslims, Christians and other people in Iraq are similar beastly crimes being routinely committed today. If the Western media and governments had taken this threat of religious extremism seriously and used its leverage over the corrupt Saudi and Qatari undemocratic West-sponsored despotic regimes backing such terrorist groups and had forced them to nip their financial and military support to ISIS in its bud, James Foley would not have become a victim of this slaughter.

Muslim Congress unequivocally and categorically condemns this indescribable barbaric tragedy, and offers condolence to James’ parents John and Diane Foley. May his soul rest in peace. According to the Islamic teachings of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and his progeny, people of all faiths – Christians, Jews, Hindus etc must be respected and dealt with the best of morals and ethics. Similarly the rights of reporters, journalists, other professionals and all civilians must be honored.

Muslim Congress

Compilation of Muslim fatwas, protests, statements against ISIS/ISIL/IS

It is a refrain often heard-especially from Zionists and their right wing partners in North America and  Europe-why don’t Muslims condemn groups like ISIS? Of course, this is a contrived indignation that has at its core hostility to Islam and Muslims. Muslims are the biggest victims of groups like ISIS. Furthermore, condemnation has been swift and widespread. So, in order to provide our readers with a resource that they can readily use in the face of some bigoted attack, we will compile a list of prominent Muslims and Muslim organizations as they condemn ISIS. There are so many Muslim protests and fatwas and statement against ISIS that it will take time to tally all of them. It should be noted that ISIS is not a sectarian issue as the BBC and others like to insinuate. The international condemnations below are from disparate groups across the whole Muslim spectrum. We will add to this list on a continuous basis.

1) Muslim leaders in the UK issue a fatwa against ISIS:

2) Noted Muslim cleric in Kerala (India) issues fatwa against ISIS:

3) Norway Muslims protest against ISIS:

4) Michigan Muslims protest against ISIS:

5) Calgary Muslims protest ISIS:

6) Ayatollah Sistani urged jihad against ISIS while condemning any Shia excesses against their Sunni brethren in retaliation (the links on this are widespread. just Google it).

7) Imam of Al Aqsa mosque condemns ISIS:

8) Calgary Imam goes on hunger strike to protest ISIS:

9) Iranian air force jets deployed to fight ISIS:

10) King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia condemns ISIS and like groups:

11) Syed Hasan Nasrallah of Hizbollah condemns ISIS:

12) Muslim Congress, a North America based organization, has sent an email to its members strongly condemning the brutal murder of James Foley. You can read the text here. 

13) Al Azhar (one of the centers of learning for Sunni Muslims) graduate rejects ISIS and its notion of the “caliphate”.